Ramona's Gift to Music is a non-profit organization that helps children advance their musical studies and performance.

Awards From The Foundation

Giving The Gift Of Music To Children

The Foundation's charitable work began with awards to graduating Copiague High School seniors because CHS was Ramona's alma mater.  As our foundation has grown,  we have expanded our scope to include other ways to help bring the gift of music to children.  With the proceeds from our 2017 fundraiser, in addition to funding the Ramona Cuellar-Mangione Memorial Award and Scholarship at Copiague High School,  we were able to:

Award an Individual Scholarship to Robert Montano, who recently performed On Broadway in A Christmas Spectacular

Donate an Alto Saxophone to a deserving student

Allow 10 talented students to perform at Oheka Castle including costumes, vocal and performance training, and transportation

Support Long Beach HS music program

Allow a group of children to perform at the Book Fair at Barnes and Noble

Scholarship Recipient

2017- Lesly Decastro (Copiague)

2018- Alyssa Mener (Massapequa - LIHSA)

            Kevin Buffalino (Copiague)

            Imania Washington (Wyndanch - USDAN)

           J'Anna Billinger (LICC)

             Jennifer Vlokhos (LICC)

2019 -Taylor Sharpe (Copiague)

            Marissa Ready (LIHSA)

            Brielle Manuel (USDAN)


1991 - Timothy Hutchison (Copiague)
1992 - Laura Findlay (Copiague)
1993 - Marino Bragino (Copiague)
1994 - Laura Babjak (Copiague)
1995 - Antonio Quinones (Copiague) 
1996 - Derrick Davis (Copiague)
1997 - Raina Murnak (Copiague)
1998 - Dawn Schwartzwalder (Copiague)
1999 - Melissa Sulecki (Copiague)
2000 - Melissa Daley (Copiague)
2001 - Jonathan Cipriani(Copiague)
2002 - Christina Labrador (Copiague)
2003 - Brian Crook(Copiague)
2004 - Michael Harris (Copiague)
2005 - Sarah Meehan  (Copiague)
2006 - Alexander Linsalata (Copiague)

2007 - Joshua Hemmings (Copiague)
2008 - Francisco Grenald (Copiague)
2009 - Eric Ramdas (Copiague)
2010 - Alex Yake (Copiague)
2011 - Elvira Razzano (Copiague)
2012 - James Washington (Copiague)
2013 - Casey Mahan (Copiague)
2014 - Barbara Chelchowski (Copiague)
2015 - David Szabo (Copiague)
2016 - Richard Taveras (Copiague)
2017 - Kishaar Hodge (Copiague)
2018-Emily Caffrey
2019-Kyree Scott ( Copiague)
2019-Hannah Leddy (West Babylon)
2019-Riley Carillo (Music Academy for Special Learners)
2019-Joseph Geraghty (Music Academy for Special Learners)

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